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    I got to say, I've tried many a bingo Internet sites, and they're nooooo! Where as close as Harrys Bingo! For personal gaming, enjoyment, satisfaction and CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! Spot on!!! You are doing the right thing, by meeting customer’s individual needs, on a much more personal level, than just an automated service!
    It is soooooo nice to be on that personal level with in the gaming industry! A lot of sites are oh so fake with friendliness, purely for the money. Harrys Bingo, takes time out to chat with roomies, both regular and esp welcoming newbies, who are sure to join up, once they find, how soooooo friendly Harrys Bingo, really is !!
    All I can say is, IF YOU ARE A NEW BINGO PLAYER!, then Harrys Bingo, is and always will be the number one choice for you!!!!
    YOU CAN'T GO WRONG! there is always live help and support to guide you along the way, if you become unstuck, or unsure about almost anything! Both Harrys Bingo support team, chat hosts and even the roomies, themselves, are here, and to give you a warm welcome, help and advice, whatever the hour!!!!!
    I myself mrstiger, is logged on Harrys Bingo, most days and even when the chips are down, or whether you have general problems to share, Harrys Bingo are a close net community, because we like to care n share!! And to have loads of FUN!!!
    So, what are you waiting for????? sign up and join today!!! What have you got to lose??!!!! We will even throw in a TEN POUND BONUS!!!!! For all newcomers, who sign up and join in with the fun at Harrys Bingo!!!!!!
    Go on!!!!! sign up, try out Harrys Bingo's fun filled site, with an exciting ten pound bonus waiting for you!!!, and there’s loads of chat games, grand tourneys, and accustomed hand made jewelery up for grabs!!!!!!!
    I will be waiting to welcome all you newbies aboard!!!
    Take care, have loads of fun!!!! You won’t be disappointed!!!!
    With special love, warm wishes and thanks from a roomie, who knows that Harrys Bingo'sBingo is NO1 !!!!
    with love from MRSTIGER XXXXXX
  2. doolallydoolally :
    I love Harrys Bingo! Everyone is so friendly and the staff is so much fun. There's always a chat game going on and EVERYONE wins unlike some sites! Keep up the fantastic work Harrys Bingo!! You're the BEST!!!!!!
    -doolally (deborah kirk)

  3. xxannie71xxxxannie71xx :
    I would just like to let every one no that i joined Harrys Bingo 3 months ago.. Its the best thing I ever done. I wouldn't choose any other bingo site.. The people are so nice and always welcome you and the CH.. Guys are so lovely and welcome you so nice.. I think Harrys Bingo will go along way in the near future...

  4. mrs aojones xxxxxmrs aojones xxxxx :
    I am mrsaojones and welcome to Harrys Bingo’s bingo. Well well well Harrys Bingo’s Bingo what can I say other than what a wonderful site to be in and a great pleasure to be part of.
    When I first signed up to Harrys Bingo’s Bingo, I thought that it was going to be like other sites i have been on you know the ones that have the motto ALL TAKE NO GIVE. Well let me assure you peeps with Harrys Bingo you are guaranteed the full package such as the hosts, you have Tan!sha she is a caring fab person to chat with. Then there are the chat hosts who really are truly fab people to be with they take good care of you they are not only there for fun but they really do take great interest in all.
    You can talk to them all nightlong you can tell them your worries, troubles concerns but most of all they become your best friend. I personally know that my hubby and I
    have made very good friends such as Ch Angie and Ch Viva. Most of all Harrys Bingo is a happy and very reliable site with great prizes an fun games we have so much fun.
    So please come on in an give it a try, sign up today and get chatting to the most warm and welcoming n truly honest peeps I know.
    Well join have fun an we are sure to chat soon.
    Take care. mrs aojones xxxxx
    #1 bingo site 4 me:
    I have been a member of a number of bingo sites over the last few years due to a phobia that has stopped me leaving my home. I found that bingo gave me a past time when kids were not at home and hubby was out working but since joining Harrys Bingo’s bingo, it is no longer a pass time but more of a full time hobby LoL. Harrys Bingo's has been the 1 site that I have felt so comfortable in and find e1 ever so friendly that is the roomies, live help & the Chat Hosts they are all gr8. It is the 1 site that I feel u don't get passed over in the chat room by the hosts because their attention is not focused on just 1 roomie they make sure their attention is spread out between e1that way no1 is left out. I have so much fun and haven't laughed so much in a long time b4 I joined. I did have 1 regular place I always went b4 Harrys Bingo's but since joining this wot I call "a close knit community" I haven't gave the old place a second glance. Harrys Bingo’s is now my newfound bingo family and I hope am their till my end and that Harrys Bingo's there till then too LOL. The chat hosts are so friendly kind and have an ear 4 e1 who feels down or happy or unwell always remember Harrys Bingo's is the place to be. I had never had the courage b4 2 join a bingo tourney until I went 2 Harrys Bingo’s but now I can say I have been in 2 team bingo tourneys where my team came 1st and also I recently came 1st myself in a slots tourney they were gr8. I luv all the hosts but have 2 say my favorite has 2 be Angie cos she is the 1 that I have opened up 2 more than the others and she is an excellent listener. The only thing left 2 say is if u want fun laughter friends and a warm welcome the place 2 be is Harrys Bingo’S BINGO. Lubs ya all and hope we got some good years ahead of us........ -PLAYGIRL90
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